Diving & Snorkeling

Under the Surface

 Maldivian yacht charter is the best way to see the world famous coral reefs. Our captain knows exactly when and where to find the clear, calm water between tides that allows you to experience the magic of the undersea world and most importantly he understands the natural rhythms of the sea life such as manta rays and whale sharks so that you can see them congregating in their natural environment. The advantage of a yacht is the ability to access the remote islands far from the crowds at the resorts and to change locations whenever you like. Literally never a dull moment! 

The joy of under water discovery is not knowing what you’re going to find. We can’t always guarantee the larger animals such as manta but there’s always something extraordinary and beautiful to see. We cater to all levels of experience in the water, just do as much or as little as you desire. The yacht has a powerful catamaran tender with a 70 hp engine. It enables us to switch between dive spots easily or take you further afield if you’re feeling adventurous.

The world underwater is pure magic, it makes us forget all our petty problems.

What we've GOT

The yacht has a large selection of snorkelling equipment on board to fit most sizes though if you’re a keen underwater adventurer we recommend you bring your own for the perfect fit and comfort.

There are also a dive compressor and tanks on board the yacht. If you’d like to scuba dive just let us know in advance and we’ll ask one of our dive instructor friends to jump on board and help guide you to your chosen dive location. If you prefer to dive in a group with a dive company we can easily arrange this as well.


What you'LL see

The Maldives have a dazzling array of marine life including turtles, reef sharks, dolphins, tuna, napoleon wrasse, pelagics, manta rays, whale sharks and multi coloured reef fish. The water temperature is always comfortable varying from 19 – 30C.

Due to its location in the Indian ocean deep currents funnel a wide variety of species to the archipelago and the waters rich in plankton ensure that the whale sharks stay here all year round.