Our Story

Voyage with Amber

An epic voyage brought the schooner ‘Amber’ to the sweet and gentle shores of South Malé Atoll.

She started in the Florida Keys before island hopping down the famed Caribbean island chain. Through the treacherous Panama Canal and across the vast Pacific via Galapagos and Tahiti. Then she evaded storms, pirates and cannibals as she journeyed north of Papua New Guinea before alighting in the Magical island of Bali for a rest.

On the final stretch, she squeezed through the Malacca straits and after a brief stop near the big surf of Sri Lanka, came to rest in South Malé Atoll to await await new adventures with sailors visiting the Maldives.

Wind in Sails

Over the deep blue
and under the open sky


Ben Denman

Hailing from the UK, Benedict Denman is the founder of Sail Amber which operates S.Y. Amber in the Maldives.

A seasoned investor with over a decade of experience, Ben aims to create profound experiences through innovative business models backed by research.

Equipped with a global network of experts investments across Europe and the United States, Ben is also a founding partner and the Chairman of Blomme Group.

A Trip
to remember

Creating unforgettable experiences on the sandy shores of paradise islands and in the magical, aquamarine seas of The Maldivian Archipelago

Your Chapter

Let’s continue our story with a chapter on you. Hop aboard as we sail across the tropical paradise of Maldives through crystal clear lagoons with stops at untouched virgin islands.

Explore the rich culture, incredible dive spots and some of the worlds best surfing waves as your Maldivian story unfolds in the care of our seasoned crew onboard this luxury schooner. 

A story of the wind and the waves