Surf's up!

The Maldives has an incredible range of breaks from mellow, beginner’s cruising waves to hardcore, expert level barrels. Everyone can find their perfect wave, improve their technique with our experienced instructors or just soul surf and connect with the ocean. A yacht is the ideal way to explore the surf breaks of the Maldives. The surfing fits seamlessly into boat life. No impatient waiting for the swell to pick up, there is always something to enjoy from fishing to snorkelling to water skiing or helping the chef on the BBQ with a cold drink in your hand. The flexibility to change location according to the changing conditions ensures you get the maximum hang time possible and the small numbers on board the yacht means you won’t be crowded out on your wave.

If you want to surf the more remote locations but have limited time the yacht can meet you at one of the many domestic airports located throughout the island chain. Then you can either sail back to the capital on board or return on a domestic flight. The local flights cost around the $200 mark one way. You can tailor the trip any way you like. Often guests enjoy one location so much they want to stay there and perfect their ride on a particular wave, others want to keep surf hunting through the islands for that special break. Its totally up to you!

Surfing is a way of life


Explore beautiful swells of the Indian Ocean
basked in the tropical vibes of the Maldives

Surf Packages

Our packages last from 3 to 14 days. I f you have very limited time you need to consider planning your trip to coincide with a predicted swell. Otherwise we recommend longer than a week so that we can seek out some memorable swells together! Our captain knows the classic itineraries which he will adjust depending on the conditions and the desired height of the break.

That’s if you prefer us to do all the planning or its our pleasure to tailor the trip to your specific wishes. If you have your own route in mind the skipper will sit down with you and plan the trip according the prevailing conditions.

When the surfs up, your life is too!

North & South Male Atolls

For this package we stay closer to the capital. We pick you up and drop you off in Malé.

This saves sailing time and any fuel surcharges so that we can concentrate on getting the most time actually on the wave where you want to be!

This is normally a week long trip but if you have a couple days more we can take you further afield to Meemu atoll.

Surf & Fly

Do you want to get further off the beaten track and surf the less crowded, remote spots ?

A great option is to fly straight to the Southern atolls where the yacht will meet you. Then we can surf all the great spots as we gently chart our course back towards the capital.

Alternatively do you want to just get straight on to the boat and relax ? Then we can do it the other way round. We surf/sail from Male’ down to the southern atolls and then you fly back to Male from one of the domestic airports.

We will liase with you before your arrival to plan the ideal surf itinerary together. There are lots of options here but as the date of your trip approaches its easy to choose the right one considering the current swell conditions!

Surf Explorer

The ideal way to experience the whole glory of surfing the maldives is a 12-14 day surf trip where you have the time to choose the right route and breaks along the way.

Again there is flexibility here, you can sail from and to Male or use the domestic airports to maximise your time in the remote central and southern atolls such as Laamu, Thaa and Dhaalu.

Southern Surf Adventure

The southern atolls below the equator are the ultimate Maldivian surf adventure. The character of these islands also offers a rich cultural experience.

Consistent swell throughout the year contrasts with the occasional unfavourable wind pattern.

The best times to visit are October to December and February to April.


Surf Seasons

The Maldives has surf all year round!

Southwest Monsoon

The biggest waves come in the SW monsoon from May to October. The Southern Indian ocean winter sends huge swells up to meet the archipelago with no land masses in between to interrupt their progress. This is peak surf season for the Maldives and then you truly feel the advantages of a yacht surfari. We have the flexibility and freedom to find uncrowded breaks on the less visited atolls avoiding the large, surf dedicated motor yachts.

There is long period swell from the south and southwest along with shorter period swell from the southeast. Being the monsoon season expect some wet and windy days along the way. Of course yachts love a bit of wind in their sails and the cosy, spacious interior is perfectly suited to taking a break from the elements!

Northeast Monsoon

From November to April when the swell calms down and the wind comes from the northeast you have ideal conditions for relaxing, cruising waves along with the occasional big swell. If you have a partner or young family keen to learn surfing this is a great time to come.

The swell is mainly from the southeast with the occasional southwester. There are periods of calm between the swells when this predominantly sunny season means you can enjoy the other activities the Maldives has in abundance such as snorkeling, sandbank/beach exploring and fishing. The surf is uncrowded and kind but expect a few days of chilling between swells.

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