Yacht Amber

Meet Amber

The Sailing Yacht Amber is a 72’ cutter rigged ketch with two masts and two foresails. Amber has a very stable ride and makes good speed in light or strong winds. Her strong construction and heavy displacement provides a very gentle passage over the sea. The wide beam and high freeboard houses a spacious, tall, light filled interior. She was built with an ease of travel and luxury in mind. We’ll leave the racing to our cousins the single masted sloops. Ironically when the weather is rough she is so steady that she beats all comers round the buoys!

Amber brims over with timeless character and style. The fine quality of her finish, fixings and fittings are unparalleled on standard yachts. She is always the prettiest boat in the harbour thanks to her classic exterior lines and hand finished teak interior. When you are onboard you have all the luxuries you need to make your trip smooth, enjoyable and ultimately relaxing.

Luxury Maldives Sailing!


The covered cockpit is filled with comfy mattresses and cushions for sitting or lounging. This is arranged in a pretty figure of eight around the mizzen mast. one oval contains the outside dining area with a teak table and space for at least six people.

The other oval centres on the raised helm where you can watch all the nautical action and instruments with plenty of room to sit or lie down

A Sailor’s Life


Stepping onto the wide teak decks you walk forward past the sun bathing mattress’ on the saloon roof to the foredeck which has space for beanbags, loungers and an armchair below the mast. The chequered decking which stretches over the bowsprit is an exciting vantage point. The wind and gentle spray are invigorating while the bow wave created by the prow is a natural playground for dolphin. if you sit on the bowsprit deck you can almost touch them with your toes!

Walking aft you find a very stable raised back deck which you can use for anything you like; fishing, BBQing or just plain reading and relaxing on the directors’ chairs. We can also rig up a hammock for that precious daytime nap in the cool sea breeze. There is air conditioning throughout the interior of the boat for hot days and resting before and after dinner.


Inside you walk down a staircase holding a scrolled balustrade to discover the 17’ x 17’ teak saloon lit by large windows with shades. The whole interior is finished in beautiful, varnished teak wood. There is a large sofa and table on the port side with bookshelves and brass portholes.

Opposite the sofa is a large flat screen TV with a pro audio Bose sound system for movies and other entertainment.


Walking forward there are two cabins with en suite and further on the tool room with the dive compressor, tanks, toys and fishing equipment. To the rear of the staircase is the galley (kitchen to landlubbers!) with a coffee machine, ice maker, X large fridge/ freezer and dedicated drinks fridge.

On the other side of the galley is the cosy round dining room. Perfect for escaping the sun in the day or an atmospheric dinner at night. With the portholes open you can feel the sea breeze whilst relaxing in comfort on the curved seating. The aft cabin is a grand,  pretty room which spans the width of the boat. The Spanish galleon style back means the full width of the boat is available for spacious comfort.


There are three cabins on Amber. The aft cabin is a huge room with a queen size bed, two sofas and four square, large portholes above the bed. A large hatch and two more portholes by the sofas let sea breezes cool the room along with two oscillating fans. Air conditioning is available in the heat of the day and to cool the room before bedtime. The bathroom has a very comfortable sit down bath, porthole and cupboards.

The main room also has ample clothes and accessory storage in drawers and cupboards. There are ceiling lights, reading lights and shaded wall lights for every mood. This room is romantic, stylish, cool and comfortable. Its a couple’s delight !

However if necessary the bed can be made into two singles with a wooden divider.


Forward of the saloon are two cabins each with en suite bathrooms. The rooms are made of teak like the rest of the boat. In the ensuite teak fittings, frames and ivory coloured wall panels continue to lighten your surroundings with a timeless, luxury feel.

The port cabin is a generous single with a hatch, porthole, oscillating fan and air conditioning. The starboard cabin has two bunk beds with a hatch, porthole, oscillating fan and air conditioning.

All the cabins and bathrooms have large mirrors and electric toilets. Waking up in a teak cabin with the sun beginning to peep through is one of the great joys of life. The extra comfy mattresses, pillows and luxury linen ensure a deep sleep after an exhilarating or relaxing day on board this classic, beautiful sailing yacht. Every guest on Amber comes to adore this special boat.

For shorter trips all three are at the service of the guests on longer trips one is reserved for the crew.


The food on a boat is absolutely vital to everyone’s enjoyment. The sea air and marine activities give you a tremendous, healthy appetite. We prepare all types of cuisine to satisfy your tastes: Grilled fresh fish, juicy steaks, kebabs, lamb chops, pasta, fresh salads, crispy sandwiches, Sri Lankan or Thai curries, classic French dishes, pizzas, grilled vegetables, hearty breakfasts and light, healthy alternatives like açai bowls and green juices. We will be in touch with you before your arrival to make sure your specific tastes are properly catered for. For day trips with a large party on board, we will often commission a gourmet sushi lunch from the local resort with its top Japanese restaurant.

Cold drinks and ice are free flowing on Amber. All soft drinks are free of charge. There is a full bar at your service with everything from champagne, wine and beer to whisky, rum and vodka and of course soft drinks and juices. Challenge us to make your favorite cocktail !

Yacht Toys

The biggest toy is the C-Fury catamaran, foiling tender with a 70hp outboard to power her along. We call her Queequeg after the famous tattooed Polynesian in Melville’s Moby Dick. She can take guests waterskiing, wake boarding, fishing, snorkelling or just for some sight seeing with thrills along the way. She has room for three plus the skipper.

C-Fury Patrol Stats

There is also a selection of inflatables and two stand up paddle surfboards. Plenty of snorkelling equipment is on board along with a variety of fishing equipment for shore, fly and game fishing as well as jigging. For those lazy days and nights there are board games such as boules, backgammon and chess.